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Terms & Conditions

You can become part of CC by using the 'Join Now' option here.
Trades are generated based on channel movements. There are 3 bots that work together to generate a trade - channel reconizer, verification filter, and news filter. The trades are then human reviewed in real time before being released to ensure profitability and prevent incorrect trade decisions.
No you do not send any of the trading funds to CC. Your funds always stay in your personal trading account.
CC trading service costs $199/month system fee and 10% of trading profits beyond 20% in a single calendar month as trading fee.

For exmaple :
Account balance: $2500
Trading Gains in a Month: 25% ($625) which is 5% above the hurdle rate ($125).
Total fee: $199 + $12.5 (10% of $125)
On calendar months with less than 20% gain, no trading fee is charged.
CC is stricly limited to 200 trading accounts at a time. This includes same users with multiple accounts.